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The 7th Annual Banked Shalom

(Pictures and Results in the bottom of the article)

Little did Kristoffer Lerånd know 7 years ago, that his innocent turns in the summer snow would bound The Mushroom Crew to a decade of creating this weird event. But as the Crown of Infinite Speed was forged deep within the Mountains of western Norway, so was the curse of the Banked Shalom. All jokes aside, there was almost no snow this year. However, any optimism of some can do wonders.
A small crew decided that we would make the event despite the conditions and headed over to Stryn Sommerski some days prior. The conditions were challenging to say the least. This did reduce the creativeness of the course, making it more Slalom instead of Shalom.

We built the course in half a day, kudos to all helpers! As usual no one got to test it so we had no idea if it would work or not. By the time we got down, 120 people had pre-registered which was way more than anticipated. So on the contest day we went up super early to be ready on time and we waited for the first contestants to get their BIB number. And we waited, and waited…. by 11:11, when the riders meeting was set to take place we had handed out 4 BIBs in total. It was looking quite dark, but snowboarders are snowboarders, and suddenly some 100 pluss people arrived about 20 minutes late. In retrospect, it is possible that this is due to our incredible skill of communication. No one will ever know.

The stoke was miles high as Terje Haakonsen sat the first track on his practice run. The course seemed to work really well with a speedy top section, through a challenging left turn in berm nr 5 followed by a tight and technical bottom section. The riders started to question their guessed times as people were flying down the hill. Everyone got 1 practice run each and then things started to get serious.

Riders came from all over to compete for various prices that they did not know existed. The competition was intense between the top riders going for the fastest runs, Alek Østreng, Ståle Sandbech and Torgeir Bergreim were in doubt that they could beat Terje. And then out of the blue, Len Jørgensen drops the mic and sends a super fast run. The girls where sending it as well, some a little bit too much on the first run but manage to hold the edge on their 2nd run. Silja Sundsfjord and Stine Tønnessen was looking real solid. However, in Banked Shalom tradition, the best prices are hardly ever rewarded to the fastest run. But rather the most average or something more random.

After a long day of speeding down the course, one could say that even though we had some minor technical difficulties (what a surprise!), it was a successful event. Even with so many riders and a very delayed start we managed to squeeze in 2 runs pluss 1 extra optional switch run. All this and actually almost having the price ceremony at the pre-announced time.

It was a very exited crowd waiting as the results came in. There were discussions going on between the contestant of whom would take home the beautiful Crown of Infinite Speed. And who would become the almighty Timelord. Would there be given out Rings of eternal Switchness? Finally the results came in and the top 3 rankings in various classes were as followed:


1 Ståle Sandbech 25,5s

2 Aleksander Østreng 25,79s

3 Terje Haakonsen 26,02s


1 Stine Tønnessen 30,26s

2 Silja Sundsfjord 30,38s

3 Nora Hegge 30,85s

HOFFNARRS (< 13 yrs young)

1 Kornelius Granmo Lyshagen 32,72s 

2 Herman Vangen 33,15s 

3 Thelma Berge Midbøe 33,77s

In the end Ståle Sandbech became the fastet person in the universe and took home the Crown of Infinite Speed. There are 4 slots left in the crown, and so far he has 2 of them. Len has 2, Markus Rustad has 2 and Torgeir Bergreim has 1.

Now of course we have to honor the more random awards:

This years Timelord became Anders Fornes who was 0,45s from guessing his time.

Switch King: Len Roald Jørgensen 28,89s

Switch Queen: Maria Hilde 36,27s

Most Average Person: Maria Hilde

Slowest Person: Amalie Ericsson

Skier on Board: Stinius Skøtskift 35,65s

Best helmet: Maria Stagrum

Youngest Player: Alf Stenshagen – 4 years old!

Oldest Player: Paul Roberts: 50 yo

Trickmaster: Øyvind Kirkhus

Person of Style: Rasmus Brøgger

We would like to thank all the riders that participated in this glorious event, it would be awesome if you showed up on time next year!
Also a huge thanks to the crew who helped out with building and organizing and of course our sponsors.
Snybyrd wax, Stryn Sommerski, Gråkallparken, Jamu Surflodge, Epic Boardshop, JumpClub Distribution and OpenKlasse. (Also Len, Emil and Krish)

Now feel free to check the Results below and get your pictures from the link:
If you post pics: Make sure to tag our wonderful photographer @Chrisbaldry and @Mushroom_crew.


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