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Høvdingen av Høgevarde 2024

TLDR: Video & Photos below.

Alex & Ståle 📷Even Brekke

Third time’s a charm. And charming it was. The high mountains of Høgevarde shined bright in all its glory. The stage was perfect for a confrontation of eager younglings to try and take the crown.

Building QP n+1. 📷Even Brekke

The week was spent shoveling, digging, shaping and sculpting a pristine battleground. In the breathtaking terrain we chiseled out rock gaps, sidehits, hips, bowlcorners, quarterpipes, step ups and downs. You could even slide down the magic hole into the tunnel of glory. The enchanted forest gave you a run you would never forget.

The different clans spread out all across the arena. Challengers flew across the field and impressed their peers with tweaks and grabs. The big beast was slowly tamed with the help from high airs and sharp edges.

The times were high and everyone had the times of their life. When the day was done the contenders for the throne all casted a vote for their favorites. The mighty bearded Alek came out victorious but couldn’t participate in the Chieftain battle due to a war-injury. Therefore, 2nd and 3rd place, Vetle Rygh and Julians Sverresvold allong with Maria Nervik Lea (first lady) ended up challenging the reigning chief Skjømming.

Brave and strong they Ran and chugged. Blindfold carved and mega skied. Shot arrows to no avail. Chief Kristian Skjømming won again, all hail. I repeat Kristian Skjømming won again, All Hail!

Alex Østreng, Cheif Kristian Skjømming, Vetle Rygh & Maria Lea Nervik on the podium 📷Even Brekke

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Photos shot by the legendary Even Brekke & Daniel da Silveira, Big thanks!
Also huge thanks to Høgevarde for letting us do this, all who joined the event and building the park. Much appreciated.

Enjoy this beautiful edit by Fredrik Perry and Sigurd Vaagland aka Greggen.

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