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Swingers Open Banked Slalom

One late spring in the year 2022, a new event was born in the depths of the Gråkallen Woods. The Swingers Open came to be in such an improvised manner, that its creators did not realize they made it. Wednesday morning, Krish @krishtlmth and Emil @backpackface Went to check out a potential spot for a banked course. They quickly decided that it would suck.

Wednesday evening, Odde Sandstad @oddarnsa went to check out the same spot and with grave optimism claimed that it would be mega epic. Thursday morning, Lerånd and Fossheim met up again with disbelief, but started digging. Odde joined later with more stoke. And somehow, magically with some late night help, a perfect 11 turn banked course was born. The magic was abviously provided by The wizard himself, Stian Karlsen (@karlsa). Though as a sacrifice, a river apeared mid course. We fixed The river on friday. It took a while…
So, it was decided, there would be a season ender banked slalom. Probably about 20-30 people would join, small thing, no biggie.The event was made, and Swingers Open was the name. FYI: A turn in Norwegian is called “Sving”, maybe its got something to do with anything, maybe not.

2 days later 70 +++ people appeared on the contest day ready to slay some turns! And it was full on sun!! And a Blizzard…. but then there was sun!! with some hail and more blizzard. but the people were stoked!
We tested a new concept – 4 runs. best 2 combined takes it all. it was fun.
After a long day of riding, grilling and hanging out in the Swingers Lounge, most people actually had some super fast runs! And we are pretty sure its going to be an annual thing. Well, It has to be – we made a walking trophy.
Thanks to everyone who helped out!
Thank you all for coming!

Bigup to our sponsors:Session Trondheim and SnyByrd
A bunch of photos can be collected below.

So. To the winners and their runs:


  1. Mariell (@mariell.snowskate)

R2: 26,52 – R3: 27,10 – Kombo: 53,62

2. Mads Siebert

R2: 26,52 – R3: 27,28 – Kombo: 53,

3. Max Stark

R3: 27,88 – R4: 27,66 – Kombo: 42,07


  1. Ingrid Lonar (@ingridlonar)

R3: 21,45 – R4: 21,34 – Kombo: 42,7

2. Andrea Straume (@andreastraume)

R3: 22.26 – R4: 22,45 – Kombo: 44,7

3. Chanelle Sladics (@chanellesladics)

R1: 22,50 – R2: 22,62 – Kombo: 45,12


  1. Erik Nygård Hjort (@dukethatruth)

R3: 21,08 – R4: 20,70 – Kombo: 41,78

2. Emil Fossheim (@backpackface)

R1: 20,80 – R2: 21,13 – Kombo: 41,93

3. Odde Sandstad (@oddarnsa)

R1: 21,04 – R2: 21,04 – Kombo: 42,07

Here’s a bunch of pictures below. We forgot how to make internet, so we hope this view works. If not, click here for a Google Drive Link
Of course you can use the photos to brag on the social media multiverse – nice if you tag us @mushroom_crew, and maybe throw in some sponsor tags too ( @sessiontrondheim & @snybyrd )

Thanks a million for joining – stay swingy

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