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Mushroom Crew X Gaustad Skisenter Parkdemo

Parkdemo at Gausta

The sun was shining bright in Gausta and the stage was set for a wonderful day in Gaustaparken. The infamous Gaustad gang was present with a complement of professional snowboarders such as Len Roald Jørgensen, Zebastian Landmark, Kristoffer Lerånd and National Team rider Øivind Kirkhus. The entire park would be described as a work of art. Dr. Moist and Sølve played good vibes while the bonfire fired up all the plugs.

The time had come for a session on the wallride. Everyone took part and trick after trick was stomped. The kids learned new tricks, parents got challenged and the eager ones dug deep into the bag of tricks to find their best manoeuvres. Session brought some highly deserved prises for those who shredded the most and Vgan chocolate kept the energy level up.

The sun was now going down. Every little nook and cranny of the park had been touched. Sunburnt noses, legs were exhausted and it was time to call it a day. To sum it all up in three words: inspiration, motivation and joy. We’ll gladly come back.
– Mushroom Crew

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